Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why Is This Blog Different Than All Other Blogs?

It isn’t, really. At least not in the sense of “Why is this night different than all other nights?”, when this night we drink 4 cups of wine, eat flour-and-water Matzah, read a long story in Hebrew, eat a 4 course meal, sterilize the sinuses with horseradish root, and sit around a table till the wee hours of the morning talking metaphysics and freedom. To bed with us on all other nights.

I switched from the non-profit world to the corporate world a year ago. The peculiarities and peccadilloes of companies made for a fascinating journey, and although each company has a unique culture, there are ties that bind all companies, even if it is by being polar opposites of each other. Mostly an exploration of the corporate world that dominates most of the world we live in, meandering may happen as well.
I've played with the latest technology since 1985. Never an early adopter, more of an early awarer - eew. Early tester? Early tuner? Early player? Desktop publishing, graphic design, web design, web writing, and then the fancy word for "website updated often" which is blogging, followed by the explosion in people sharing personal information while stalkers nip, nibble, climb and eviscerate their heels. The simplest explanation for the personal info proliferation is: websites need to update more often with fresh information > personal information is easier and more readily interesting than investigative information > Let There Be Blogging!. Or maybe it was just the spillover from BBS to Internet. Who knows? I don't, but it's been a pleasure to watch and participate. The pleasure continues, although from a different point of view.

Continue to how the blog was put together in Nuts 'N' Bolts. Do not continue if technical stuff gives you nightmares.
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